The Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront is a grassroots coalition to remove Lakeshore Drive from Grant Park, and eventually the entire Chicago shoreline.

100 Years Later Burnham's Back! And He's Not Happy

Burnham Centennial Lakefront Vision Ride
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 2pm, meet at Daley Plaza

At The Plan of Chicago’s 100th Anniversary, Burnham's vision for a tranquil shoreline remains violated by a vulgar 8-lane superhighway.

Though Burnham may have been the most eloquent advocate for Chicago's lakefront, he wasn't the first. The 1836 the Canal Commission decreed the lakefront to be “Public Ground — Common to Remain Forever Open, Clear, and Free of Any Buildings, or Other Obstruction Whatever.”

Tearing Down Highways Relieves Congestion

July 13, 2009-- Four case studies demononstrate that depaving highways improves traffic flow.

NYC Plans to Close Broadway to Cars

Feb. 25, 2009-- New York City plans to close several blocks of Broadway to vehicle traffic through Times Square and Herald Square, an experiment that would turn swaths of the Great White Way into pedestrian malls . . .

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The Car-free Parks Movement

Transportation writer John Grenefield surveys cities across the nation that are creating safe, inviting places for exercise and transportation by removing the sight, sound, smell and danger of car traffic.

Battle Rages For Open & Free Grant Park !!!

The Chicago Children's Museum is still determined to plant a 100,000 square foot building in Grant Park, and Mayor Daley is still flexing his muscles to help.

The issue is likely to be decided by the Chicago City Council, so right now the people who can save our Lakefront are the 50 aldermen.

Take 3 easy steps to help save Grant Park:

Salon: We paved paradise, So why can't we find any place to park?

We paved paradise, So why can't we find any place to park?

Because parking is one of the biggest boondoggles -- and environmental disasters -- in our country.

By Katharine Mieszkowski, Salon, Oct. 1, 2007

Seattle Voters Say "NO!" to Rebuilding Waterfront Highway

Seattle leaders look for new ideas after viaduct vote
Non-Highway Option Shows Greatest Promise

Depave Your Back Yard-- An Inspirational Photo Essay!

Depave Your Back Yard-- An Inspirational Photo Essay!

Check out the amazing but true story of how one Chicago back yard was transformed from a hideous patch of concrete to a green oasis!

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Chicago 2007 City Sticker Depicts Depaved Lakefront

Chicago 2007 City Sticker Depicts Depaved Lakefront

The City of Chicago has once again endorsed depaving Lake Shore Drive and restoring our lakefront as "Forever Free and Clear of any Obstructions Whatsoever."

The new Chicago city sticker, which is required to be posted on the windshield of all private motor cars, clearly depicts a lakefront without a certain 8 lane superhighway.

Let's all take this opportunity to redouble our efforts to enact this hopeful vision for the future of our lakefront!