The Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront is a grassroots coalition to remove Lakeshore Drive from Grant Park, and eventually the entire Chicago shoreline.


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100 Years Later Burnham's Back! And He's Not Happy

Burnham Centennial Lakefront Vision Ride
Sunday, August 30, 2009, 2pm, meet at Daley Plaza

At The Plan of Chicago’s 100th Anniversary, Burnham's vision for a tranquil shoreline remains violated by a vulgar 8-lane superhighway.

Though Burnham may have been the most eloquent advocate for Chicago's lakefront, he wasn't the first. The 1836 the Canal Commission decreed the lakefront to be “Public Ground — Common to Remain Forever Open, Clear, and Free of Any Buildings, or Other Obstruction Whatever.”

Tearing Down Highways Relieves Congestion

July 13, 2009-- Four case studies demononstrate that depaving highways improves traffic flow.

NYC Plans to Close Broadway to Cars

Feb. 25, 2009-- New York City plans to close several blocks of Broadway to vehicle traffic through Times Square and Herald Square, an experiment that would turn swaths of the Great White Way into pedestrian malls . . .

More at:

The Car-free Parks Movement

Transportation writer John Grenefield surveys cities across the nation that are creating safe, inviting places for exercise and transportation by removing the sight, sound, smell and danger of car traffic.

Battle Rages For Open & Free Grant Park !!!

The Chicago Children's Museum is still determined to plant a 100,000 square foot building in Grant Park, and Mayor Daley is still flexing his muscles to help.

The issue is likely to be decided by the Chicago City Council, so right now the people who can save our Lakefront are the 50 aldermen.

Take 3 easy steps to help save Grant Park:

Bicyclists Depave the Way, June 6, 2007

MARK LAWTON | Staff Writer
Wicker Park Booster

Riding in the Tour de Depaving on Sunday, its easy to find one's self thinking of Don Quixote tilting his lance at windmills. The bicycle tour was organized by the Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront, a group composed mostly of bicycle activists whose stated goal is to remove Lake Shore Drive — first from Grant Park, then from the rest of the city.

Seattle Voters Say "No!" to Rebuilding Waterfront Highway

Seattle leaders look for new ideas after viaduct vote
Non-Highway Option Shows Greatest Promise

March 15, 2007
The Associated Press

A day after Seattle voters trounced both options for replacing the quake-damaged Alaskan Way Viaduct, Gov. Chris Gregoire and Seattle leaders Wednesday announced a new two-year attempt to negotiate a compromise.

India Launches Lakefront Depaving

Lakeside walk minus traffic to be reality at Kankaria

Ahmedabad, November 27: FIRST was the Sabarmati river front project. Now comes the Kankaria lake front development project, the foundation of which was laid by Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday evening. The idea here, however, doesn't appear to be malls and shops. The idea, according to Modi, is to make the lake and its periphery an ideal, must-visit destination for tourists.

So the Rs 28.50-crore project, to be complete in a year's time, includes development of its four-km long periphery. At present the road surrounding the lake is used for vehicular movement alone, leaving no space and little scope for visitors to enjoy the spot in a peaceful and pollution-free way.

Cyclists Envision Carfree Chicago Lakefront

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Burnham Bike Ride Back to the Future

What: Burnham’s Vision Ride, a Free 2-Hour Bike Ride to Explore a Carfree Future for Chicago’s Lakefront

When: Saturday, June 7, 2003, 1pm, meet at Daley Plaza, Washington and Dearborn

Who: 50 Chicago Cyclists and Others Concerned about the Misuse of Urban Public Space

The lakefront is Chicago’s crown jewel-- our mostly open and clear shoreline makes us unique among the cities of the Great Lakes and draws millions of tourists and locals each year seeking quiet enjoyment and recreation.

We can thank our forbearers for bequeathing the city an unencumbered shoreline. Such visionaries as the Canal Commission of 1836 who first proclaimed the shoreline shall remain “Forever open, clear and free” and Daniel Burnham, who in his 1909 Plan for Chicago stated, “ the slopes leading down to the water should be quiet stretches of green,” have played essential roles in preserving the lakefront as an open space.

Unfortunately, there also have been major violations of Chicago’s open lakefront-- most notably the construction of an 8-lane superhighway known as Lake Shore Drive.

On June 24, more than 50 cyclists will join Chicago's premier Daniel Burnham impersonator for Burnham’s Vision Ride, a leisurely tour along the lakefront in order to see the shoreline through Burnham's eyes and begin planning activities to create a Chicago lakefront free of the noise, pollution, and dangers associated with Lake Shore Drive.

The ride is sponsored by the Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront, a grass roots coalition working to remove Lake Shore Drive from Grant Park and eventually from the entire length of the Chicago shoreline.

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