The Campaign for a Free and Clear Lakefront is a grassroots coalition to remove Lakeshore Drive from Grant Park, and eventually the entire Chicago shoreline.
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India Launches Lakefront Depaving

Lakeside walk minus traffic to be reality at Kankaria

Ahmedabad, November 27: FIRST was the Sabarmati river front project. Now comes the Kankaria lake front development project, the foundation of which was laid by Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Monday evening. The idea here, however, doesn't appear to be malls and shops. The idea, according to Modi, is to make the lake and its periphery an ideal, must-visit destination for tourists.

So the Rs 28.50-crore project, to be complete in a year's time, includes development of its four-km long periphery. At present the road surrounding the lake is used for vehicular movement alone, leaving no space and little scope for visitors to enjoy the spot in a peaceful and pollution-free way.

Ode to the Jackhammer

The Chicago Journal covers our Tour de Depaving 2006!

The first stop was Talcott School at Ohio and Wood, where Burton’s wife, Gin Kilgore, explained that the now grassy area with a winding asphalt path had once been nothing but a teacher’s parking lot. Nodding to kids playing soccer, Burton noted that de-paving also "creates community."

"This used to be abandoned after teachers drove home," Burton said of the Talcott lot. When the riders reached Mitchell School, where Kilgore is a teacher, the dichotomy was made complete. The empty, asphalt-coated parking lot, had, as Burton duly noted, a Dresden-after-the-bombing feel.

End Lakefront Obstructions

Michael Burton
Chicago Sun-Times Featured Letter

Chicago's open lakefront is the envy of countless other shoreline cities that have privatized waterfronts or cluttered them with buildings and other structures. But the city's latest plan to build a pedestrian bridge at Queen's Landing [''Lakefront bridge plan revived,'' metro story, Oct. 14] defies not only Chicago's long open lakefront legacy, it also defies public opinion and common sense.

Chicago's lakefront has been preserved as open space only through much human toil. We all owe a great debt to Chicago forefathers such as Daniel Burnham and Montgomery Ward, who fought to keep the lakefront "forever open, free and clear."

Don't Mess with Mother Nature

Don't Mess with Mother Nature

Winds blew over temporary barricades at the Queen's Landing Cross Walk on Sunday, July 24. After weeks of outrage from Chicagoans over the closing of this popular Lake Shore Drive pedestrian crossing at Buckingham Fountain, it appears even that Mother Nature herself has weighed in the side of pedestrain access at Queen's Landing!

The Queen Returns to Queen's Landing

Monarch Displeased with LSD Crosswalk Closing

What: God Save the Queen's Landing Crosswalk Rally.

When: Wednesday, July 20, 2005, 4pm.

Where: The west side of Lake Shore Drive at 500 South.

Who: Queen Elizabeth II will lead a rally of pedestrian and open space activists demanding the re-opening of Lake Shore Drive pedestrian cross walk.

In 1959, the red carpet was rolled across Lake Shore Drive to welcome the Queen, but today Chicago pedestrians and visitors from around the world are getting less than red carpet treatment.

Recently, the City of Chicago's new Traffic Management Authority closed the Queen's Landing crosswalk, which provided pedestrian access from Buckingham Fountain to the lakefront. Unsightly red snow fences have been strewn along the Lake Shore Drive to corral walkers from the former crossing area. In addition, barricades, which can function as ladders, make it possible for disgruntled pedestrians to climb over the snow fences, risking life and limb to cross Lake Shore Drive.

Chicago Outraged over Closed LSD Crosswalk

By Kathy Schubert

To the editors of the Sun Times and Tribune:

I was riding my bike on the lakefront path on Wednesday morning with a visitor from Holland. I wanted to show him the countdown lights between Buckingham Fountain and Queen's Landing because I feel they make the pedestrian feel they are less important than the automobile traffic.

But the countdown lights weren't there. There weren't even any crossing signals. There was a temporary fence. There was a truck with city workers. They had JUST removed the crossing signals. I asked them why we aren't allowed to cross Lake Shore Drive at Buckingham Fountain any more.

Lakefront growth rejected by voters

Rogers Park plan finds few backers

 By Hal Dardick -- Chicago Tribune

Rogers Park voters sent a clear signal to Mayor Richard Daley and Park District officials Tuesday, rejecting the idea of extending Lake Shore Drive north to Evanston in a non-binding ballot question.

Of 4,124 residents in 10 lakefront precincts who voted on the advisory referendum, 88 percent said any new landfill north of Hollywood Avenue should not include roads, marinas or commercial buildings.

New York Extends Car Free Hours in Central Park

Thanks to work by Transportation Alternatives New York City as greatly restricted the traffic through Central Park. Now New Yorkers can enjoy their premier park without the din and smog of automobiles for much longer periods of time! Let's show that Chicago is as serious about its premier park as the Big Apple!

Let's reclaim Chicago's lakefront

Michael Burton's Letter to the Editor reproduced below is the featured letter for the Sun Times today!

As more than 20,000 cyclists enjoy a car-free ride on Chicago's lakefront during Bike the Drive on Sunday, it is important that we all remember the many historical battles that were fought to preserve our shoreline as open space and the many challenges that remain.

Chicagoans can thank many of our courageous forefathers for bequeathing the city a largely uncluttered lakefront. The Canal Commission of 1836 first proclaimed that Chicago's shoreline shall remain ''Forever open, clear and free.'' Ma and Cap Streeter used a shotgun to defend Chicago's lakefront from encroaching development. Montgomery Ward fought numerous legal battles to preserve Grant Park as open space. Daniel Burnham's 1909 Chicago Plan included a tranquil green shoreline.

Mother Nature Drowns Boston Underground Waterfront Highway

Boston Highway Project Said Full of Leaks

By Steve Leblanc
Associated Press

BOSTON - The Big Dig is riddled with leaks that are dumping millions of
gallons of water into the $14.6 billion tunnel system, according to an
engineer hired to investigate the cause of a massive leak in September.

Locating and fixing the hundreds of leaks could take up to 10 years, said
Jack K. Lemley, a consultant hired by the Massachusetts Turnpike
Authority to investigate the problem. The last major leg of the Big Dig
project opened less than a year ago.